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Larisa Migachyov

Larisa Migachyov was born in Russia and began her classical piano training at the age of 5. After immigrating to the United States, she quit music for many years, until, by pure chance, she saw a flyer advertising the San Antonio Ragtime Society on a supermarket bulletin board. She attended one of the meetings and was instantly hooked. A year later, she composed her very first rag, the Purple Chicken Rag, and premiered it at the 2006 Scott Joplin Festival in Sedalia, MO.

Since then, Larisa has composed many more rags - 37 by last count - and has performed at the Eau Claire Ragtime Festival, the West Coast Ragtime Festival, and many others. She has released three CD's - "A Heap of Rags", "Oh, that Ragtime Chick!", and "A Dream Come True". The latter CD features 11 of her compositions played by the best performers in the ragtime genre.

Selected Performances

Lamb Chop (2012) - Larisa is a lawyer by trade, but composes some of the most sublime ragtime music I've ever heard. All of her ragtime titles are food related; whimsical titles like Lemon Slice Rag, Chicken Fried Steak, and Flaming Cabbage Rag among others. Lamb Chop was written in 2012. It's very much written in the classic ragtime style and I never get tired of hearing its intense lyrical beauty. Larisa dedicated this piece to Patricia Lamb Conn, who was the daughter of classic ragtime pianist Joseph Lamb. The title is a clever nod to Mr. Lamb's beautifully poetic ragtime compositions of the early 1900s.

Locating The Music

You can contact Larisa about obtaining her sheet music at her website;

List of Piano Compositions

Purple Chicken Rag (2006)

Garlic Pudding Rag (2006)

Candy Apple Rag (2006)

Gefilte Fish Rag (2006)

Gitche Gumee Rag (2007)

Peppershaker Rag (2007)

Breadcrumbs Rag (2007)

Laughin' Latkes (2007)

Flying Tomato Rag (2007)

Flaming Cabbage Rag (2007)

Arugula Leaf Rag (2007)

Sauerkraut Sorbet (2008)

Green Tea (2008)

Lavender Rag (2008)

Hot Chocolate Rag (2008)

Lemon Slice Rag (2008)

Pirozhki Rag (2008)

Royal Ice Cream Rag (2009)

The Long Road To San Antonio (2009)

Macabre Marzipan (2009)

Cardiac Rag (2009)

Pumpkin Bread Rag (2009)

Cucumber Lemonade Rag (2010)

Relativity Rag (2010)

Chocolate-Covered Cauliflower Rag (2010)

Reni's Rag (2010)

Gruyere et Vacherin Half-n-Half (2011)

Lamb Chop (2012)

Chicken Fried Steak (unknown composition date)

Sutter Chip Rag (unknown composition date)

The Blueberries of Metabetchouan (unknown composition date)

Danny's Rag No. Pi (unknown composition date)

Eucalyptus Dreams (unknown composition date)


Corte Swearingen
Corte Swearingen
Feb 18, 2023

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of Lavender Rag.


Lotus Lau
Lotus Lau
Feb 18, 2023

Hi where can I get the Lavender Rag score? Thanks!

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